SYNC with My Ford Touch on my 2012 Focus

Ok, so let’s talk about the technology that’s in my new 2012 Ford Focus.  It’s sweet, and it’s a big factor of why I bought the car.

The SYNC technology, I’ve read, was first announced at the 2007 Detroit International Auto Show and offered for sale in a dozen 2008 Ford models.  The technology allowed Ford automobile drivers with blue-tooth enabled mobile phones and media players the ability to operate them in their vehicles hands-free.

My “SYNC with My Ford Touch” system has lots of capabilities: hands free calling, turn by turn directions, 911 Assist, music control from my Ipod or phone, vehicle health report, business search, traffic alerts, and audible text messaging.

Once I paired my phone to my Ford Focus which was a simple process that took a couple of minutes, tops, I was ready to make phone calls.  My car now has access to my phone’s contact list, and making calls is quite simple.  I have had a couple of “What the ?” things happen like when I told SYNC to “Call Mom” and it connected me the mom of my daughter’s college roommate.  I have to admit that was rather odd and totally random.  A restart of my cell phone seemed to correct the problem?

Also twice now I have tried to call out and the call appears to be going out through my cell phone but nothing appears on the SYNC screen.  I’m guessing that’s also a problem with my cell phone and not the SYNC system, but time will tell.

One other thing I’ve learned is that my Sprint HTC cell phone (which was top-of-the-line just a few months ago) isn’t compatible with the audible text messaging feature of SYNC.  Now, that was a huge bummer.  I was looking forward to receiving a text in my car and having the SYNC system both read it to me and send a message back out hands-free.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many Sprint phones compatible with this SYNC feature.  That’s a disappointment, but I’m hopeful Ford will continue to support additional mobile phone brands.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the “SYNC with My Ford Touch” system.  I’ll be evaluating the other features of this system such as Ipod connection, turn-by-turn directions and vehicle health report in future blog posts.


About juliak8864

I'm a 40-something mother of one who enjoys writing, blogging, and social media. I've recently left behind soccer mom-dom and bought a Red Ford Focus car! I love red and have always wanted a red car. Never thought it would be a Ford, but that's another story and part of this blog. I'm so impressed with this car and it's features, I wanted to share it with others!

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